Alix Sabatelli


 From genes to DNA + stem cells, my fav longevity bio-hacks to slow, halt, + reverse the side-effects of aging that began at birth.


Can you turn back the clock? Yes!

Would you want to? For some, they’ve already resigned to outdated beliefs about what’s even possible… settling for sub-par functioning on all levels of the body's potential. Essentially “giving up”. Well… you’re here to wake up and step up!

Let me give you some reasons to pay attention. There’s new meaning to the terms anti-aging, age-reversal and longevity in the world today. With science and technologies to naturally heal and balance the body, restore prematurely damaged DNA and even reactivate stem cells without injections - perhaps it’s time to consider what your life can look like with a new lease - and restored youth! 

The science and testimonies you will be exposed to here will amaze you; and the incredibly affordable solutions I recommend can begin to noticeably rebalance and renew your body like nothing you could imagine… in as little as minutes for many! Guaranteed.  

"Wisdom takes time… longevity allows us to vivaciously impart it upon others ready to receive."

Alix Sabatelli Rager

Why are we aging so fast?

The Body Love segments focus on the causes and solutions of TDOS Syndrome: Toxicity, Nutritional  Deficiency, Overweight and Stress; and the Quantum Mind segments focus on your mindset, beliefs and habits. These are the greatest contributors to premature aging in that they influence the environment of our body. This effects how we up regulate, down regulate, and even destroy the capabilities of your genes - aka. gene expression - and this directly alters our potentiality if left unchecked.

This segment focuses on more causal factors that I love hacking; affecting not only gene expression, but cellular disfunction at the root of every system’s functionality from head to toe. These include accelerated telomere shortening, lowered stem cell efficacy and circulation, and poor mitochondrial function. 

That said in as much of a nutshell as possible, if you want to heal and restore damaged tissue, increase energy, stabilize and elevate mood, and extend your life while renewing youth and vitality on every level, you have to work at that causal level. Let’s begin. Click here now.