Alix Sabatelli

What's Your Next Level?

Nothing excites me more than your awakening to your highest potential,  truth + vision... 

and to help you unfold the authentic + efficient achievement of it. 

Again and again. 

One conversation can prompt a clarity, a new perspective, paradigm, possibility...  

inevitably unfolding your next level emergent in every area of your life. 

You up for that?  

What does up-spiraling YOUR life look like?

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My Story

Nothing here yet... aiming Spring 2020 - so please stay tuned. xo Alix

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Biz Bio

Self Mastery, Health + Success Coach - Speaker + Entrepreneur

Alix is a recognized and award-winning leader who is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and everyday people how to play full-out-on-purpose in all areas of life, and make their unique impact on the world without compromising amazing love, health or lifestyle. To her, that’s your Sweet Spot!

She’s the founder of Sweet Spot POWER, and over the course of 22 years as an entrepreneur, Alix has trained, coached and mentored a global community of thousands of entrepreneurs and every day people in areas such as self mastery, high performance, clarity of purpose, leveraged business models, marketing + sales. She has created multiple high-end private programs and powerful online courses and group programs. 

Ironically, as co-author of “Smart Women Embrace Transitions,” she continues to evolve in her Sweet Spot Power with perfectly aligned additions to her passions, leading the latest movement in natural healing, age-reversal and longevity science with cutting edge products for guaranteed results.

Alix feels blessed to live on five gorgeous acres in the foothills of Northern California with her husband Rob and still one of their three daughters… who is ready to take on the world as well!