Alix Sabatelli

What's your next level?

Nothing excites me more than your awakening to your highest potential,  truth + vision... 

and to help you unfold the authentic + efficient achievement of it. 

Again and again. 

One conversation can prompt a clarity, a new perspective, paradigm, possibility...  

inevitably unfolding your next level emergent in every area of your life. 

You up for that?  

What does up-spiraling YOUR life look like?


Dawa Fitzmaurice - Wilderness Awakenings

"Alix creates an inviting, safe space for me to share my challenges, rant, and then find my way back to my strength and center once again. Often she knows the perfect thing to say to inspire me, comfort, or call me to action depending on what I need."

Her insight into the workings of human nature and what really moves people to action has helped me to speak more confidently and passionately to my potential clients. 

She stands firmly and gracefully in her feminine power and invites me to do the same which has helped me to see and utilize the strength of my womanly charm at home and in business. 

Her strong opinion sweeps all the bullshit aside and encourages me to face the magic and beauty of who I truly am."

Vicki Brown - SC, Juice Plus Company

"Before working with Alix I was literally stuck in every area of my life. I lacked self-confidence, struggled with my relationships and had no ability to dream. Alix coached me through her “why beneath your why” and I now have a clear vision of what I want in my life. Alix has helped me in the area of nutrition which has made a huge difference in not only my health but my mental clarity and productivity. Alix has a gift and it is truly her passion to help others be successful in all areas of their lives. 

So if you’re serious about getting to the bottom of what is keeping you stuck then I definitely recommend her “Sweet Spot” program."

Shelly Shrock - Massage Therapist

“Working with Alix, I always feel confident in knowing the support and love is only a phone call away. I never feel pushed or pressured, yet she has a loving firmness and acceptance to meet me wherever I’m at in my life. She has helped to get me out of my box and take steps to further career changes and personal changes. She’s very knowledgeable in getting to the core of my beliefs and helped me to define my life’s purpose as well as shorter term steps along the journey.

I’d highly recommend Alix’s expertise and knowledge to anyone looking for a great coaching partner.”

Elyse Raupp - Speech & Language Therapist

"In the past, I was a strong, confident and accomplished woman, able to do whatever I put my mind to. But over the course of the last 18 years, I allowed myself to slowly break down from one mishap or unfortunate event to another – whether it was health or relationship centered, family centered, or work or financially centered.  I was heading down a path that led me to become very disorganized in my work and personal life. I struggled with focus and felt scattered, which unfortunately, pulled me away from spending time with my family. My thoughts would lead to negative feelings and doubt. I was at my end.

I came to know Alix years ago, and as she is today, she possessed this amazing gift and passion to serve and help others reach their true potential, empowering them to be all they can and want to be. And while I admired her as I watched her help others grow in their potential and passion, I only wished I could be one of those people she helped.  It seemed fate that I finally responded to one of her emails, that has changed my life here forward. My wish came true. 
After just one conversation with Alix, I was so excited and empowered to put the past behind me, to learn, and finally let go of the emotions, the clinging to grudges and fears, and the disappointments – and to set my sights on now, what I’m truly capable of doing now – in my career, my financial life and most importantly, my family life.  

I knew it was time to invest in me! Immediately when we began, she zero’d in on exactly what I want to accomplish and what I am passionate about; and has empowered me to never lose sight of them, not to let bumps disappoint me or discourage me but to turn them into “what can be”. Now they lead me to excitement and possibilities, thanks to her genuine belief in me, her “you can do it” and non judgmental coaching style.   

I have already experienced so many wonderful changes in my life along with new and exciting ways to process and shift my thoughts and beliefs to serve me better. My creative juices are flowing as well as my desire to reach my potential in life that I thought I had lost. I’ve changed my vision of myself, how I think and speak to myself, and now I find it easy to believe in ME again. I am now more efficient both at home and work, and I’m spending more time with my family! I feel alive again! I feel empowered again!   

The most exciting part is that we have uncovered new possibilities, ideas and plans for my work that I am just beginning to implement. I am still working with Alix because in the coming months, I will fulfill my deepest desire – to be at home with my family (and make more money to boot!) I can’t wait to share that chapter!

I wrote this testimony to encourage you not wait as long as I did to take a call with Alix, and find out what you’re really made of, and made for. That alone can change your life!”

Bailey Haniger

"Alix is an absolutely phenomenal life coach and mentor, and her Sweet Spot program is absolutely fantastic for personal/business development! 

During the 7 weeks I worked with her, I found her to be understanding, relatable, present, encouraging, and inspiring. She has a deeply caring, nonjudgmental, and approachable energy. 

I always know that after each session I am guaranteed to feel inspiration and motivation to make positive changes in my life.

Alix's combined wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom creates a solid support in guiding and transitioning you from Stuck to Success in any area of your life. It is very obvious she has done the work in her own life to be able to help others in the way that she does! 

Sweet Spot Mastery is extremely organized, straightforward, and easy for anyone to follow. The tools she provides bring so much clarity to your goals and dreams - and lay out the format of how to make them a reality. I love knowing that I have a plethora of tools to refer back to in my Sweet Spot Shine binder and can adjust my goals and plans accordingly at any time inspiration occurs. If you put the time and effort in and follow the program as she recommends, you will absolutely see positive, lasting results in your own life - not just externally but also in body, mind, and spirit - in a short amount of time.

Thank you - thank you Alix!"

Natalie Brindos - The Traveling Tooth

“When I first started working with Alix I had no vision or alignment whatsoever. I wasn’t giving to others and it made me feel empty, like I had lost my purpose. I felt like I hit a ceiling.

Alix is a master at developing people to move far and above beyond their expectations. With new knowledge, tools and skill sets, my self confidence grew…and the alignment happened. I began attracting all I wanted and my business is growing so fast! I now have a team to support me and have more time for my family. I even have my own community service program… and I only work 3 days a week!”

Saen Flaherty - Wellness Coach

“I had a business that was successful but not necessarily fulfilling. As I started up my new business, even with the strategies and plan, my biggest issue was confidence in myself… and belief that I deserve to earn more, which affected me, my business, and my marriage. I had the stress of not making enough money – not feeling like I was doing my part or contributing enough… like I wasn’t enough to be successful.

Alix helped bring out old beliefs that weren’t serving me anymore.  She helped me shift by bringing awareness of my true potential. I gained a vision for more, inspiration to be more do more. With my mindsets challenged, my vision grew.  She guided me through personal and spiritual work that has created major changes.  She believed in me more than I did and recognized not only my potential but who I already am!

I am positively in the Sweet Spot and in momentum! I am attracting more ideal partners and clients in my business than ever before. I feel better about my marriage and we are getting along better again. I feel in control of what I am manifesting in my life and my business. It’s all so much easier and I am having fun!  I feel aligned, aware, in control and Empowered!”

Toni Tirapelli - Founder/CEO STARS Sports & Educational Programs

“I always have bright shiny objects that want my attention, as a massive creative with a million and one ideas and projects. Being a very driven entrepreneur, I often feel that others don’t understand me and my huge visions. What I didn’t fully realize is that with my hands and heart into so many ideas and projects, I wasn’t going to reach my dreams without clarity, focus and some simplifying. Since I have been a coach for so many through my work, I really understand the power of coaching and I feel blessed that I crossed paths with such an incredible woman as Alix. She was just what I needed!

We relate so well and are a perfect match for extreme brainstorming. She brings out the best in my thoughts and ideas, helps me to come up with my own solutions, and gives me the confidence to go forward in my journey. She helps me to focus on what’s most important and to prioritize my next steps. The energy of the two of us working creates an upward spiral of possibilities.

Her nutritional coaching helped me to become unstoppable with even better health than before, enhancing my ability to handle the kind of activity and thinking I do every day; AND I’ve learned to incorporate some much needed integration time with spiritual and meditative work that has created more balance in my life.

It’s been good for my heart, knowing that I’m not alone and that I have a genuine ally who I can trust – and who won’t squelch my creative juices. I am now more effective at what I do, more vibrant, a better speaker, and better at helping others with my work.

If you are highly creative and passionate like me, I recommend partnering with Alix and her SweetSpot programs so that you can grow your SELF to new heights.

Thank you Alix for being an incredible being.”

Janice Hamp - Good News Club

“When I started my business, I was so used to ‘going it alone’.  Working with Alix gave me belief, clear next steps, and just the boost I needed when I reached blocks in my business. As we worked on my mindsets, I especially appreciated how Alix never judged me, but lifted me and always gave clear next steps to expand my comfort zone and achieve greater results in my business and overall. It’s as if she could see my potential and pulled me into it!

I now feel in control and confident to meet challenges.  I am empowered and more balanced while I keep growing and stretching myself.  I didn’t know how much coaching could make a difference in my life until I took the leap and became accountable for my results.  Alix has taught me by example and coaching how to be focused, intentional, confident, passionate and balanced.  My favorite word has become “clarity”.

If you have a chance to work with Alix, I encourage you to take it!”

Dave Williams - Health Franchise Owner

"I would like to share some transformations that have been taking place in my life since just beginning to work with Alix’s mentoring. 

First, I know why I'm here, on this Earth that is. I'm here to help people smile through inspiration and motivation. I have found my “Passion Path” as Alix describes it. It's to share and speak about my story. And this is just part of that story. Months ago I went through extreme loss of income, relationship, home, and identity. 

By divine appointment, Alix Rager and I crossed paths, and after an "Unstoppable Clarity Call" and the videos, I started working on my clarity. 

Because of my past issues I did not believe that life would or could flow, but I am now convinced that it does. As I meditate on my clarity and actively seek it, I have been able to see God's hand working in my life and actually pulling me towards that Sweet Spot. 

The feeling is indescribable. Clarity is key for me. It affects everything else. It is producing mindset shifts that I have been longing for and just couldn't quite reach or attain. Clarity is actually conquering my procrastination. It fosters pro-activity and pulls me in the direction that I want and need to go. I still have a challenging road ahead, but I am now on the right road, my Passion Path. 

I hope this short glimpse into my life can be of inspiration. My life is an example of a Bible verse in Psalm 40:3 where "I am being brought up out of an horrible pit and placed upon a rock and God is establishing my goings." 

Clarity - Mindsets - Action - Go For It!  

Thank God I met Alix!"

Taphne Lux - Your Daily Photograph

"What a precious gift! 

I recently accepted a "Sweet Spot POWER Breakthrough Session" from Alix after hearing her speak at a local event. 

Weeks later, I am still amazed at the clarity I gained from our first one-on-one conversation. In addition to being truly genuine and present, Alix is magically intuitive. Her thoughtful questions almost immediately led me to a deeper understanding of my relationship with money, which has been a long-standing mystery in my life, and was the main reason I was seeking guidance. 

I am excited to begin Alix's Sweet Spot SHINE program and look forward to discovering what's next for me!"

Mika Determan

"Alix is a master at casting vision – not about her own vision, but to rise up other people’s own vision.  What I admire most about her is her energy and enthusiasm in front of an audience. Casting vision of being bigger than we think we can be.  

I had put myself in a box. She showed me how to get the clear vision and then the business or dream follows.  

I'd been messing around in my business as a hobby.  I felt unable to help people when my schedule was a mess and I wasn’t good with time boundaries. Alix came along and drew me out of comfort zone…I wanted to honor it and was terrified, but the more I did it, I realized it wasn’t so bad.  And rather than stop, like I usually did, why not keep going!  I built my belief in what I could do.  Alix gave me tools that helped me organize my day and my week as I wear multiple hats and had very undisciplined boundaries.  I am now able to better structure my work life and personal time and increase my focus and productivity.   I now have more balance and I am now able to help others that are struggling.  Her tools are beneficial in my personal life and my professional life."

Terry Peterson - LifeVantage Rep

"When I met Alix my whole world had been turned upside down with the death of my husband. All of my dreams and goals were wrapped around us doing it all together.  As I began the Sweet Spot MASTERY program, I realized that my dreams were still alive but what I most needed was to reinvent my life as a single person. 

Now I have a clear vision of where I am going as I move forward with my life and business, with the commitment to take hold and live it now. My dreams were just waiting for me to align and allow them in.  

I am blessed to be creating a business that will continue to provide the lifestyle I desire from anywhere in the world; where I can extend all I have to offer with less effort and more profits.  

I encourage everyone who reads this and every single business partner that I have, to challenge themselves to dream big and go after it. The Sweet Spot MASTERY program has given me the blueprint to live on purpose while further aligning my business with my new life... and working one on one with Alix to continue my results has taken me and my profits to a new level.  It’s an amazing life I get to live."

Shauna E. VanderHoek - Founder, Your Business On Cruise

"I launched a new business this year and I am always willing to get all the support I can so I'm so grateful to have taken up an offer for a Sweet Spot Power Breakthrough session with Alix!

I’m holding my first-ever live event in just 2 months (after just completing a huge online tele-summit event) and I want to deliver my 90-day package to help other business owners successfully reach their goals. While I am an expert at that, I knew I needed to have support for my own business to be sure I was on the right track and being as effective as possible. 

In just 20 minutes, Alix helped me cut through / bottom-line / resolve two issues that have had me stopped for the past month! I now have clear take-action steps that I am eager to implement!

Now I feel clear and ready to take make this event (and my business) a success and make a difference - one small business owner at a time.  AND, I look forward to working further in her Mastery program as my own program is underway.”

Renee Wade

“I met Alix at an intimate local event and appreciated the heart and spirit-based approach to business and money that she exuded.

I had been looking for ways to develop my garden/farm/permaculture work as a viable business with a definite connection to enhancing the body-mind-spirit experience of my clients.  Her approach resonated nicely with my intention so I decided to invest in a VIP day and some bonus sessions to create a new business model for what I am trying to create.

The whole day was a wonderful high.  It was exciting to have an opportunity to sit down with someone who could hear the scope and the newness and the possibility in my vision, and who also has the skills to help me find the avenues that can support this new creation.

Though it still seems challenging, it no longer feels impossible.  Over the next 6 months I am savoring the growth that teaching apprentices is bringing to me.  And as I continue to take strides in clearly articulating my vision, I see many opportunities to develop a network for this work to develop.”

Jonell Steckman - Personal & Corporate Health Coach

"When I first started working with Alix privately and in the Sweet Spot MASTERY program, my biggest desire was to grow my business!  

What I learned very quickly was that as I got clearer on exactly what that looked like and how I wanted my life to feel every day, there was quite a bit of cleaning house that needed to be done.

Alix kept me on track when things in my life challenged my business path. I learned that I had some “stuff” as she calls it, that didn’t match the life I am creating for myself. Working together, I was able to discern what needed my attention, what needed course-correction, and how to show up fully on the journey.

While I have had a rough path - Alix has been by my side to reflect, challenge and keep me accountable to my dreams. I realized that I was holding my self back in some ways but have been much more graceful with myself knowing that it is my consistent attention and action that makes measurable differences in how happy and successful I am. I’ve gained so much more clarity and confidence.  I have many more strategies to implement that will continue to grow my business and I’m excited to see even more results of who I’m becoming - in my business and in my life.”

Andrea Pollard - Caregiver

"Just understanding what is going on, how things work, even if I haven't mastered it yet, made me feel lighter, happier, relieved, hopeful. A feeling I haven't felt for a while. Like this is doable, it can work, it can happen, I can do

this! Yay!" 

Donnie MacKenzie - Entrepreneur

"Okay, I’m a guy!  I have a unit, but more importantly, upstairs I have a mind of a male.  I am not apologizing for this, just clarifying.  I will say am not your typical insensitive man. I take great pride in thinking I know how to treat women with utmost respect and honor…being raised in a loving family of two sisters, a loving, capable and smart Mom, plus a supportive Dad and a wonderful brother. 

The reason for my clarification of being a man, is because Alix Sabatelli Rager is a Self Mastery & Success Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs.  The key words here are “Mentor for Women”.  Did I really need a mentor for women? 


I had just come off of a relationship that lasted almost a year and within a short one day notice, I found myself being asked to leave.  Within 24 hours of thinking everything was great, I had lost my partner, her children and a place I called home.  My world had turned upside down.  Alix didn’t need to have expertise in men. I reached out Alix because I trusted her.  To me, “Mentor for Women” meant she understood women.  I would much rather have advise from someone who is a mentor for woman, than men.  Men take about 37 seconds to understand.  Women take about 37 years, patience, love and learned perception.  I had read all the books, but this one floored me.


Alix was professional; a great listener, discerning, objective, sweet, kind, not judgmental, perceptive, did I say kind?  She got right to the meat of the issue. She cut right through all of the layers of illusionary drama and like a turbo charged laser. Alix was able to gently guide me through the emotional, fragile stage I was in.  My heart was bruised and my ego damaged, Alix was not impressed with the exterior or the interior or the wrappings of this pathetic case.  She lovingly and gently nourished me with truths; truths that are unseen to the five physical material senses.  Alix inspired me to see that a higher sense of true reality was really in operation and that it wasn’t my job to change my ex-partner’s thoughts, but work on changing my own.  And that gave me eventual peace!


I am eternally grateful for Alix’s professional perception, guidance, knowledge, but more importantly her gentle (not to be confused with weak) tenderness and deep love for mankind."

Laura Diaz - Entrepreneur

"In working through Alix's Sweet Spot SHINE  program, I gained more clarity of the focus of my life coaching business. The process of this program invited me to be clear of my priorities and my Passion Path Statement.


Alix is very inspirational and amazing with the tools she provides. I realized how much I have to give.  She acknowledged the value of me as a person and the value I have to share with others.


I would highly recommend her coaching and programs.  She creates structure so that I can expand with what I have

and at the same time be in alignment with my values.


Thank you Alix for your gifts to our community!"

2-Hour Fast Results (Online Business) Strategy Sessions

Gil Alan - Business Owner / Entrepreneur

1. What was your #1 desire or challenge that led you to a Fast Results Strategy Session?

More Traffic - improved marketing... drawing the people in. I needed a bigger audience to market to! Focus on the best ways or potential ways to draw new students to my online workshop. 

2. What were some of the specific outcomes you wanted to get from your session?

Get clear on the best plan of action for generating more sales from my online workshop and evaluate my Facebook Ad Funnel that I started creating.

3. Did your session deliver?

My Session with Alix delivered in a BIG way! I wasn’t sure that we could actually get enough done in a 2 hour session, but to my surprise we not only accomplished my immediate goals, but we finished 30 minutes ahead of schedule! I left my session with a very clear direction on what needed to get accomplished and I was thrilled. 

4. What was your experience of Alix as your coach?

Alix is a great coach. It was a superb session and was just what I wanted and needed in order to get CLEAR and FOCUSED on the priorities of what needed to be accomplished to further my immediate and long-term goals. Our session gave the clarity and confidence I needed in moving forward. Alix works fast and she is quickly inspired with great ideas popping out left and right, which inspired my own creative flow as well, we were definitely in sync! I like when a coach doesn't even have to finish the sentence and I'm already there!

5. How did you feel during and after your session?

I knew this session was right for me 10 minutes after it started. I felt I had finally realized that one-on-one coaching was the best way to go for me. Not that the other programs don’t have a lot to offer - but workshops are difficult for me because they are too time consuming for someone who is always working and creating. One-on-one coaching is so much more effective for me because the creative process is immediate and I get it quickly - I'm highly coach-able! And with the right coach, not only do I fly, but I SOAR! 

6. What was the main outcome or promise of your custom plan/strategy?

Clear copywriting and email sequences to bridge gap of desires and challenges - with the indoctrination and sales process. Meeting my tribe at the front door where they are hungry. Clearer segmenting according to the pains and desires of my tribe. Tying up loose ends and tightening up my overall presentation of the funnel for the new workshop. And again… all with so much more clarity and confidence to implement all that needed to be done.

7. What specific work did you accomplish within your session?

Reviewed and set specific actions to refine Facebook Ad Funnel opt-in page and video. Reviewed existing Funnel pages including Sales page and strategized for improvements and clarity in presentation and copywriting. Mapped out email sequence to touch all aspects of tribe’s challenges and desires, encourage engagement that lead to sales. We also did a quick review of my website home page to improve opt ins Overall technology mapping for implementation. 

8. What have you implemented since your session?

I re-edited my funnel opt in page video (Huge improvement), Implemented all changes on funnel opt in page (Huge improvement), implemented changes on additional funnel pages (Huge improvement), and revamped sales page (Massive improvement). Replaced the video on my home page, created new opt in message and new opt in form to further entice sign-ups.

9. What specific results have you received thus far? In what time frame?

Aside from my own clarity and confidence which is a game changer in itself, the simple change of the video and opt in form on my home page has already doubled, maybe tripled my sign-ups starting the very day after the changes were made! The completion of the Facebook Ad Funnel is a bit more involved but I am now focused on the completion of ALL funnel pages and email sequencing with very clear goals thanks to Alix – and really look forward to our next creative session!

10. Was the value you received worth $997? More?

How do you place a value on something that is invaluable? After spending tens of thousands of dollars looking for just the right type of help I needed, the price of this Fast Results Strategy Session could only be perceived as a gift from the universe. The price of $997 may seem like a lot for a single session at first impression, but the value of what can be accomplished with the proper coaching in one power-packed session is worth more than you can imagine… and my imagination is pretty damn extensive! The Fast Results Session is HIGH, HIGH VALUE that far exceeds the price.

11. My Final Comments…

I was so excited and surprised by the results of my Fast Results Strategy Session with Alix that I immediately signed up for additional coaching. I have no doubt that the overall results of my continued coaching is not only going to double or triple my business and income for this year, but will allow me to serve so many more people, inspiring them to create major transformations in their lives – does it get any better than this? You tell me? 

Destinee Berman - Business Owner / Entrepreneur

1. What was your #1 desire or challenge that led you to a Fast Results Strategy Session?

How to grow and scale the level of my business in an aligned and focused on, based on all my learnings and observations to-date. 

2. What were some of the specific outcomes you wanted to get from your session?

Have a concrete and strategic plan for growth, that includes: 

- Refine my signature offer and positioning

- Clear, consistent pricing on my signature offering  

- Establish a lead funnel - one that works for me - to sign on my dream clients 

3. Did your session deliver?

More than expected. I got the kind of clarity I've been looking for it and it opened me up - both energetically and concretely. It felt like we co-created together, which gave me the confidence to stand behind it fully. Within 2 weeks, I signed on 3 new clients at my new model. I walked away brimming with possibility and really got how I could leverage what I've created into version 2.0. 

4. What was your experience of Alix as your coach?

Alix is fantastic. She's a very balanced, both firm and nurturing. She met me where I was at - when I moved faster, she accelerated and met me there. Her solutions are real and practical - not just "throw against the wall" ideas to test and try. I appreciated that she backed up her ideas for me with real, proven examples.


5. How did you feel during and after your session?

During: Alix got me and I was met (not having to keep question whether this was the right decision or not)

After: possibility and great ideas (I haven't paused on implementation since, outside of the week I went on vacation)  

6. What was the main outcome or promise of your custom plan/strategy?


Create an entire plan to grow my multiple six figure business by more than 40% by mid 2016, AND even more importantly in a way that is aligned with what works for me. Essentially, I restructured my core business to meet both my needs and the clients I wanted to work with. I'm ecstatic!


7. What specific work did you accomplish within your session?

Refined tribe and positioning strategy, improved marketing and sales funnel process and elements, improved the potential client survey, enrollment process and pricing strategies. Clarified missing components that will make client start up process more efficient.

8. What have you implemented since your session?

Marketing and sales funnel, improved my potential client survey and enrollment process, pitched my potential clients the new model (both structure & pricing), and enrolled new clients! 

9. What specific results have you received thus far? In what time frame?

Within 2 weeks of our session, I signed 3 new clients with my new model, putting me on track for my goal to generate mid-six figures in the next 6 months, so I can take 2 months off!

10. Was the value you received worth $997? More?

Much, much more. The timing was perfect, as all these ideas and learnings have been marinating for months now, and Alix helped me bring it all together in a powerful way.

Gina Spriggs - Entrepreneur / Game Changer

 1. What was your #1 desire or challenge that led you to a Fast Results Strategy Session?

I am launching a new program..would love your help with that! Want to launch in a way haven’t done before - to freshen up!

2. What were some of the specific outcomes you wanted to get from your session?

I would like to double my income to start. - so from $75k to $150k and have it be consistent, part time, part of the year, into 250k in 2-3 years or sooner. I want to continue to grow, travel and play. (erasing boredom)

3. Did your session deliver? 

Yes indeed! There are still portions where I know I need help, but Alix provided tips that were simple and easy to apply...

4. What was your experience of Alix as your coach? 

LOVE her. She "gets me" and my business. I am not selling "billy-wickets" and she totally understood the soft side of my work.

5. How did you feel during and after your session? 

Honestly - I felt like I wanted MORE. The easy to apply information was terrific, but I felt that there was much more I can gain from Alix's expertise.

6. What was the main outcome or promise of your custom plan/strategy?

Immediate steps for upcoming event and launch to be more successful and enrolling.

More refined tribe, positioning and funnel. Overall business plan shifting to tiered program with an exciting flow of offers. Longer range “doable” strategy to bring in $250k/year before adding any private clients.

7. What specific work did you accomplish within your session?

The above (#6) was brainstormed, mapped out and refined within our call; we went through step by step implementation and I plan to work further with Alix to see it all through. Also laid out exactly how I’ll reach both my sustainable and bigger financial goals fast.

8. What have you implemented since your session?

I have had numerous calls and so far have signed up 5 people to my Mastery Program. (I still have 2 weeks and my live event to recruit more!)

9. What specific results have you received thus far? In what time frame?


Amidst my current launch, and within 3 weeks, $12,500 (with scheduled payments it will be another $9000) in 1 month.

10. Was the value you received worth $997? More? 

It was worth every penny. I am still referring to it!

Dr. Pamela Moss - Entrepreneur / The Soul Guide

1. What was your #1 desire or challenge that led you to a Fast Results Strategy Session?

So many ideas, trouble with prioritizing, consistency and implementation. Have 2 new books in me along with 11 programs/products (either complete or in idea phase). My clients love the work and experience wonderful results (60++ testimonials) but I’m on a mission to “Light up the Lights, Heal the Healers and Serve the Servants” of the world-wide Shift happening now, and want to serve many more in a sustainable and powerful way. Big visions!

2. What were some of the specific outcomes you wanted to get from your session?

* tighten the structure, title and offer for my upcoming speak-to-sell evergreen webinar (big opportunity)

* clarify title, offer and launch plan for membership program

* prioritize & map out launches for coming year (scheduling, emails, videos, affiliate promo)

* awesome VA referral(s)

3. Did your session deliver?

YES! In spades… we accomplished a huge amount in those 2 hours: I got the clarity I wanted about my upcoming webinar, offer, and program PLUS Alix repositioned my offering from a $97 product to a $497 program that I feel totally confident in making! She also helped me prioritize all my goals and launches for the next 6 months or more (yay clarity!) and encouraged me to focus on 1 thing at a time, which has been super helpful for getting stuff done. She even gave me killer copy for my sales page, and valuable pointers for creating my own...

4. What was your experience of Alix as your coach?

Kept us very focused and on point -- we accomplished a LOT. Brought a wealth of high-level business experience and resources, and game-changing ideas. Warm, insightful person who can also channel and teach great copywriting. Felt she really got me and my work. It was a pleasure! 

5. How did you feel during and after your session?

Focused, excited and productive.

6. What was the main outcome or promise of your custom plan/strategy?

Much improved positioning and copy-writing. Immediate steps for upcoming evergreen event / launch to be more successful and enrolling. How to capture more of the traffic coming from evergreen event launch. More refined tribe, positioning and funnel moving into an upgraded and staged overall business plan strategy. Less overwhelm, more focus with step by step implementation guide.

7. What specific work did you accomplish within your session?

The above (#6) was brainstormed, mapped out and refined within our call, including a repositioning of my main offer to better attract my tribe - including line by line copy-writing coaching. We made a plan to capture more leads from the evergreen launch. We also went through step by step implementation and I am now filling in the gaps and getting 1:1 support with Alix to see it all through. Also laid out how I can reach both my financial goals fast.

8. What have you implemented since your session?

I found the perfect VA, big relief. Scheduled new head shots. Wrote my webinar title, bullets and “this is for you” and gave them to my webinar host to promote. Pushed my webinar back 2 weeks, so there’s much more ease. Working very productively on the sales page for my program, feel confident and happy with it (had been wrestling with it off and on for over a year...) Have all the pieces of my webinar, need to pull them together after the sales page is done. I will have everything I need to give to my VA before I leave for Alaskan honeymoon this Saturday (a small miracle!). Oh, and I received $2000 in new business while all this was going on. 

9. What specific results have you received thus far? In what time frame?

See #8… In two weeks!

10. Was the value you received worth $997? More?

The repositioning alone was worth much more than $997! I can now make 4x what I would have made via my webinar; just 2 sales at $497 pays for my investment.

Gale Lennard - Business Owner / Entrepreneur

1. What was your #1 desire or challenge that led you to a Fast Results Strategy Session?

Have so many ideas, content, motivation and 3 businesses - yet no clarity or income.

2. What were some of the specific outcomes you wanted to get from your session?

I would like to get clarity on what I should be focusing on. My to-do list is a mile long (content, marketing, writing, social media, 3 totally different websites). I find myself changing directions several times a day and I don't even know if I'm working on the right things.

Want near term and long term plans.

3. Did your session deliver?  

Yes! I got the clarity I was looking for and achievable action steps I could take immediately to help me move forward. 

4. What was your experience of Alix as your coach?  

I loved working with Alix. It was obvious immediately that Alix really listened to my needs and created a plan that was achievable and aligned with my goals and values. She even through in some tough love when I was hesitant to only focus on one of my 3 different businesses. I am so glad I listened to her; focusing on one business has given new life to it and the ideas haven't stopped flowing. Alix helped me decide on which business to focus on and it was surprisingly not the business I initially thought we'd concentrate on. She listened to me and quickly understood which business I had the most passion and emotional investment with. I was amazed at how much value I received from just 2 hours of coaching.

5. How did you feel during and after your session?  

During the session I felt relieved that Alix was confident that my business could thrive with just a few changes. After the session, I was excited and re-engergized. I woke up in the middle of the night after our session to start writing the bonus opt-in report; I just couldn't shut off my ideas. I love when that happens.

6. What was the main outcome or promise of your custom plan/strategy?

Developed a clear and focused strategy and step by step implementation plan to grow the strongest of my 3 businesses, quickly. Created new fresh funnel to capture tons of otherwise un-captured traffic and lead them to my contact sequence to build trust, good will and community. To then offer my future membership and subsequent relative products. Once sustainable, can get focused on next business.

7. What specific work did you accomplish within your session?

Clear vision! Let go of the majority of confusion and overwhelm along with 2 businesses for the interim. Worked on titles, indoctrination “free gift” ideas, and a new funnel to lead to first purchase. Mapped out technology and step by step plan to capture leads and implement all components necessary to get first sales. Also, brainstormed powerful ideas to upgrade my website; along with strategies to add many more relevant offers for my tribe while increasing traffic.

8. What have you implemented since your session? 

  • I sold one of my 3 businesses and put another one on hold
  • I wrote a high value 40 page free report to be used as an opt-in bonus with links back to my site
  • I redesigned my website to make it responsive for mobile use; put the opt-in front and center; and rearranged the site to have 3 main sections (decluttered)
  • I created polls to get feedback from visitors on how often they wanted to receive my emails and newsletters (I was pleasantly surprised, and somewhat scared, that they wanted to hear more from me. It's nice to feel wanted )
  • Created a spreadsheet to track my affiliate offers
  • Have a plan for my next steps, including social media engagement, adding fresh website content, and writing the book I've talked about for years

9. What specific results have you received thus far? In what time frame?

In the month since I've implemented the redesign to my site and the new opt-in email bonus report, I've received a 500% increase in opt-ins. This is a huge deal for me since most of my revenue comes from email marketing. I've also received a lot of positive feedback from my visitors about the new design and free bonus.

10. Was the value you received worth $997? More? 

I can't put a price on what I received from Alix's coaching. How can you put a price on stress relief? I was so overwhelmed and it feels so good to have a clear path with achievable small steps. After I implement the majority of changes to my first site, I will be signing up for more coaching on my other business.

Mats & Maria Lofkvist

1. What was your #1 desire or challenge that led you to a Fast Results Strategy Session?

Right now we need to get more clear on how to speak our tribe’s language.

We need help with how to reach our tribe, product structure and price structure.

2. What were some of the specific outcomes you wanted to get from your session?

To get a personal customized plan for the exact steps we need to take after getting clear from using all the material. To get a strategy for fast promotion of our course. To get a personalized review of our existing material and how it can be restructured for better performance. Clear opinion and help how to make this first step work in a way to monetize now!

3. Did your session deliver?

Alix has really over-delivered in all respects and we are so thankful that you allowed us to get back to you with the few points that we were not perfectly clear on. 

4. What was your experience of Alix as your coach?

Alix is a very fast working and fast thinking woman with lots of experience. To us it was very valuable to know how an American woman think and act related to our business… Alix was very pleasant and easy to communicate with. Now we feel much more confident and for sure we know where to turn for help if we get stuck in the future.

5. How did you feel during and after your session?

We knew that we had only 2 hours to get all our questions straightened out and in the beginning we were not sure that all could be done in one session. However, we covered almost all issues and got everything written out in our customized plan. After the session, there were some points where we still struggled. Alix took the time to answer our questions and give pointers over email, which was invaluable to us.

6. What was the main outcome or promise of your custom plan/strategy?

A clearer tribe to attract into funnel. Completely new opt-in page design, video, content and bullets. Improved strategy to convert visitors into funnel for indoctrination (free transformational gift) and then into first sales of course. Upgrade paid course positioning, content and delivery; and significantly increase the investment (10 - 20x)

7. What specific work did you accomplish within your session?

Clarity of our tribe and how to position to them. Much of the last question was worked on and refined within call and over a few days that followed. Also mapped out next phase after results quantifying, to include potential improvements, and plan for growth.

8. What have you implemented since your session?

We have basically worked 24 hours every day as we are sitting on completely opposite sides on the planet. We have been able to test landing page, videos and text content very fast, using Facebook advertising. We have gained an incredible knowledge after being set in the right direction from Alix. Although we realize that we are still not at our end goal, we now know how to get there.

9. What specific results have you received thus far? In what time frame?

As said above in # 9, we have gained clarity on where we need to head. We have made several course corrections already during the last month due to gained clarity through testing. Although we have’t reached any sales yet, we have a burning desire to get the final pieces right. We know that when we finally get it right, the floodgates will be totally open...

10. Was the value you received worth $997? More?

It’s worth every $$… It was invaluable to us to have someone professional looking at what we have been producing. It takes the guesswork away and gives you a confirmation that you are on the right track (or not) plus a totally new confidence to go on…