Alix Sabatelli


 Awaken to a clear sense of purpose, meaning + fulfillment with alignment to values, inner drivers, deep desires + playful muses.


Uncover and align to purpose.

You owe it to your very existence to find meaning in it! You are a precious being with a core driving purpose that need not be found “out there”, but rather uncovered from deep within. When you can tap into a guiding force that draws you into action, that very action becomes effortless and deeply fulfilling. 

This is not necessarily easy to uncover, but with a date with yourself and some guiding work, you will not only liberate that sense of purpose, but illuminate and ignite it!  YOU will light up as you can then align your goals, aspirations, hobbies, and even the work you do, to serve your purpose.

Reality is… your purpose will continue to expand. You are meant to expand. I call it an unfoldment as you go about life with the guidance of purpose, felt as good vibes, internal nudges, synchronicities and chance opportunities. 

The best part is that you can consciously make decisions as you learn what it feels like - viscerally - to be in alignment in day to day living.

"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman

Action without aligned purpose can be misleading and hard.

Do you feel a sense of meaning and fulfillment? Do you love life? If you passed tomorrow, would you feel good about how you lived, what you left, and lives you touched in the dash between the dates of your life?

Vision is not enough. You can have vision that is misguided - borrowed, imposed, even inherited by default. It can drive you to action when there is much emotion behind it, especially fear and lack. That powerful survival emotion can trump the quieter calls of purpose and lead to misaligned actions. It’s hard to tell until you have found yourself far from where you thought you’d be. 

Sadness, depression, anxiety, self medication and a host of other outcomes of long term misalignment can go on for a lifetime. It shows up in our self care, relationships, work, parenting and general temperament. It is so common that people SETTLE for less than -fill in the blank- and think that’s all there is.

Well not you… not any more. You’re here right? It’s wake up and thrive time. The world needs you to find your Sweet Spot POWER and do what you are called to do. To bring your light to the world and shine it bright. It’s your birthright and it’s high-vibe fun to live like you mean it.

I have a process called The Passion Path Process that will hands down help you come alive. It’s my gift to you. Contact me.