Alix Sabatelli


Lead yourself, lead others, and teach them to do the same and the abundance will ripple to serve both you + humanity.


There’s nothing like re-sourcing your purpose.

When you have an energized body, high conscious mind, and an awakened spirit with clarity of purpose… you will note immediately if the work you do is in alignment. If your gut check says it’s not, please don’t fret as you are not alone! 

Personally, the unfoldment of my purpose - coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit - has led me to many professions. Each leading to the next. See more in the Alix page on that. I share this because the one thing that has sourced my evolving expression and given me the freedom to explore life with more time, flexibility, and financial stability has been what I call a Power Biz.

I am particularly passionate about helping everyday people live extraordinary lives - to heal and re-source themselves, wake up, and serve others in their own unique way. So when it comes to a Power Biz, it’s gotta be a model capable of leverage. Ideally, it is also passive. In heavenly cases, it has the capacity for compounding growth. 

Oh… and did I mention, it must allow for growth and development of influence, character and leadership. Tall order? Not really. Of very few models that fit the bill, my hands down favorite is network marketing.

"By its very nature and design, network marketing is a strikingly fair, democratic, socially responsible system of generating wealth."

Robert Kiyosaki

Without financial health, you are not truly well.

Warren Buffett says if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die. As I write this, the harsh reality of the statement runs shivers down my spine. The trap of linear (time for dollars) income is not what you want. In fact the stress of not enough money for <fill in the blank>, is so much at the root of our mind spin, ill health, degrading relationships and lost dreams.

To make matters unfortunately worse, working more, harder, and at multiple opportunities that don’t offer residual passive growth potential only takes your precious resources of time and energy without creating an asset at all. It’s a trap. It’s outdated. There are options!

It is entirely possible to align with a resonant network marketing opportunity and go to work on your skills of influence and service. It could provide the resources to allow you to do the thing that makes your heart sing… in alignment with your purpose. In fact, the opportunity itself could be the perfect vehicle to serve both you and others deeply. That’s what I’ve got goin’ on and it’s the best feeling ever.

I call it Love In Waves (forthcoming book)… rippling out the education and solutions you love, helping others succeed in multiple areas of life; ultimately to return back and reward you financially, relationally, and emotionally when those you serve are successful. I should add, the personal and spiritual development - the “WHO YOU BECOME” - is the juice that quenches your soul. You can feel that tug when your soul wants to expand through you. Follow it to find your Power Biz!

Whether you are looking for a gig to help make ends meet, generate a retirement asset, or build an empire…, you’ll get education, resources, perspectives and a rockin’ opportunity to join my Sweet Spot POWER Team should you feel the love enough to share along side our kick-ass community! 

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