Alix Sabatelli


The quantum is where science + spirituality meet. How you think is how you create life experience.


Next level mind for next level life.

I believe fully that we are infinite beings having a human experience. We must move through linear time and space here on Earth, and yet to begin to answer the existential question of all time - who am I - requires that we vertically collapse time and space. WHAT?

Ok, I won’t go too deep here. Let’s just say that the mind that got you to where you are here and now, ISN’T the mind that will get you to where you want to go (assuming it’s a different vision). Your next level ANYTHING will require a change in mindset.

In fact, the moment you can visualize and experience a new reality for yourself in the quantum, it is created and done in it’s entirety. The process of realizing the new envisioned reality in this 3rd dimensional reality just takes particular practices in time and space to make manifest. It’s a dimensional dance. 

Thankfully, humanity is ready for this shift and elevation in consciousness. Not only are we ready to understand it… but we are done analyzing why we are where we are and are moving into creating a new and better life with ease and grace. We are merging scientific analysis and repetition with spiritual practice and stillness. It’s about time! Pun intended.

"Higher vibration equals higher consciousness… which increases probability of creating your dream life."

Alix Sabatelli

Are you living an unconscious program?

I’m sorry to report that there’s likely a 99% chance you are unconscious (99% of statistics are made up… I think). Seriously, it is our very nature as human beings that we operate in this way. There are predictable cycles of how we operate that has been modeled with only slight variation in order.

It goes something like this: Beliefs dictate your thoughts, which dictate your emotions, which dictate your actions, which dictate your results, which your mind then validates as it’s beliefs. And it HAS been said that 95% of this is happening unconsciously.

The linchpin that can change everything is your beliefs.  And your belief program was laid out in your first 7 years. In other words, the decisions you made about your experiences from that young (and wholly unwise) age is what needs hacking to change your mind and create the life you want.

This can be done! It’s not just conscious living in the present moment - it’s what you do with the feelings, thoughts and beliefs you become conscious to IN that moment!  We’ve got this.