Alix Sabatelli


 Restore your innate ability to rebalance + thrive with peak energy, clarity, body composition + performance. Likety split.


What is body love?

I believe in our body’s innate ability to heal itself. I also believe that our level of consciousness is directly tied to our state of health. What we eat - and rub on our bodies - matters.

High vibration foods, botanicals and herbs give our body what it needs to heal, build proteins and provide a vessel for us to rise to our potential.

I choose to educate and start most people FIRST with what I believe are the most important nutritional pillars of health for this very reason of awakening and raising your consciousness. 

It literally starts with what we make “matter”… (see more in the Quantum Mind sections) What is matter? The formations of tiny particles that make up our atoms, cells, and everything else at the deepest level of our human experience - our self - our body. This is also where we actually can control the way our genes express.

This world needs you to rise up… to love yourself enough to lead yourself to vibrant health. It is here that you begin to unlock your vital energy to new possibilities and momentum for your next level.

We’re either growing or we’re dying baby… 

"To keep the body in good health is duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."


We all have some level of TDOS…

Despite our best efforts, we are walking around with TDOS Syndrome. And it is sapping our health, causing and accelerating every single symptom of aging, sub-optimal performance and dis-ease. This is costing us every right of freedom. Read that last line again and get real with it.

What is TDOS?

Toxicity - Nutritional Deficiency - Overweight - Stress

We are simply unable to get what our bodies need to heal, function properly and perform at it’s peak through diet and the majority of supplementation alone. The nutrients just aren’t there!

I’m here to help you quickly make sense of the madness, and of course provide inspiration, stories and education on solutions. 

We can get things turned around lickety split. Major change in as little as 5 days… massive in 30. Guaranteed. You can browse and learn… or just hop on the line with me for 15 min to get clear on what YOU can do now.